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About VBC

About Us

The Virtue Blazers Club is a GLOBAL NETWORK OF VIRTUOUS CHRISTIANS living a “ godly, moral and career excellent lifestyle”, committed and passionate about inculcating the same to others, influencing positive growth, development and consistent progress within themselves and their communities.

The Virtue Blazers Club (VBC) is a registered incorporated trustee with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria since 2012 with registration number CAC/IT/No. 55101.

Though the Virtue Blazers Club was registered in 2012, the prelude to this umbrella body had been the “School Of Virtue” which has been the registered brand name under which several efforts at achieving a godly and moral society had been carried out since 2003. These efforts include the NATIONAL LADIES CAMP (A 48hr annual reformation retreat majorly for single ladies which had grown to attract over 3000 participant registrations from different parts of Nigeria and beyond. Participants (all ladies) are brought in to an experience with God beyond words, fed and accomodated at absolutely no charges/cost), the NATIONAL GUYS SUMMIT, ENGAGED SINGLES RETREAT (A matrimonial preparatory retreat for engaged singles on the road to getting married), CHARGING POINT OUTREACHES (Bible Teaching Conferences and outreaches in different locations including virginity campaign outreaches to secondary schools, e.t.c). The School Of Virtue (SOV) is the ministerial initiative of the Virtue Blazers Club; a platform for inculcating moral and godly virtues, using the word of God as expressed in the Holy Bible as a means to transforming the society, preserving destinies and raising the foundations of many generations.

Several people had been greatly impacted by the SOV efforts so much that many had committed themselves to the work over the years. Despite not having any tangible membership structure, the commitment of several had been so obvious, so much that the structure was real though intangible. That membership structure is now the Virtue Blazers Club which brings and connects together all who have been and will be committed to the SOV work and more. This new membership structure takes us to a level where as people of like passion and similar values, we strengthen our inter – relationships using it to help each other and the nation at large as we together pursue a national transformation that is character based. This is the main reason why we operate as a club.

The Virtue Blazers Club is a Bible –based Christian club using the teachings of Christ as the major manual for raising and guiding a moral and excellent society. The VBC is indeed a club where each member is identified with, connected with and raised amongst all in every good way.

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Vision And Mission


1. To promote godliness, moral uprightness and excellence (proffessional / academic) among members and the society at large. Promoting sexual purity as well as other godly virtues and Speaking against common vices in the society like sexual immorality, corruption, teenage pregnancy, abortion, rape, pornography, sexual abuses, thugery, stealing, drug addiction, etc.

2. To promote great citizenry attributes and social values like patriotism, orderliness, integrity, faithfulness, hardwork, etc. (amongst others) and a sense of national responsibility towards achieving a major national transformation based on character reformation in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

3. To intervene and proffer solution to societal challenges, problems and issues from the small community to the larger community.

4. To conduct research (community based and school/youth based) in order to make valuable recommendations to the government.

5. To encourage, educate and instruct stakeholders (Parents, Guardians. Teachers,Clerics, Lawmakers, e.t.c) especially as it concerns their wards.

OUR Vision



To be the number 1 alternative to the thriving non faith based clubs (providing stronger association benefits), wherein believers can now fufill their humanitarian, philanthropic and ‘reaching out’ responsibilities without necessarily committing to and associating with those who do not share their core social values and life principles.

Membership Networks

VBC is categorised along the following networks to which a member must belong to at least one

Marital Status

Marital Status Network

Based on Marital Status a member MUST belong to ONE of these

Single, Overdue Singles, Single Mother, In a Relationship, Married, Separated, Divorced, Widowed


Academic Network

A member must belong to at least one of these

Students (Secondary), Artisan, Undergraduates, Graduates/ NYSC, Working Class, Business Owner


SOV Network

Based on involvement with School of Virtue, a member may belong to one or more of these

Just getting Involved, Team Member, Team Leader, Resource Person, Management.


Ministry Network

A member MUST belong to at least ONE of these

Church member, Church Worker, Leader of a Ministry, Church Board/Asst. Pastor, Founder/Senior Pastor, Missionary.


Membership of the club is open and shall be processed either directly online at the club portal or indirectly through a membership form with a membership application fee which would in turn be used to process the members welcome pack on acceptance. Membership shall be in the following categories:


Associate Member

This is the entry level membership in to the VBC. Anyone intending to join the VBC shall initially join as an associate member. Basic Requirements for Associate membership include:

Must be a Christian (Born Again), with the evidence of a changed life.
Must be committed to living a godly, moral and career excellent lifestyle; inculcating the same to others as well as positively impacting communities and nations.
Must be financially committed to the club.
Must be willing to share in all good things with the club and the club membership, ensuring the corporate benefit of other members.


Full Member

Full membership shall be awarded to associate members who have:

Been active (i.e played active roles) in the club for a period of at least 1year, leading or serving (in one of the service teams) in any of the club major activities.
Have demonstrated a godly, moral and career excellent lifestyle beyond reproach, a passion to inculcate same into others and attestation to this effect of at least one full member of the VBC and two other persons (including his/her church pastor)
Has singlehandedly or with joint effort made a positive impact on at least one life and one community.
Have attended and participated in at least one of the key national programmes of the School Of Virtue and/or has successfully undertaken the SOV mentorship programme.
Have shown an appreciable and consistent level of financial commitment to the club.


Honorary Member

Honorary membership shall be awarded to non members who have:

Been ICONS of righteousness and godly morals in the society for several years and have been at the fore front of promoting such lifestyle among others, nationally or in the community.
Have demonstrated a godly, moral and career excellent lifestyle beyond reproach as well as a passion to inculcate same into others with attestation to this effect by 2/3 majority of the VBC central executive council.
Made tremendous positive impact in the society at large


Grand/Life Member

Life membership shall be awarded to full members who have:

Been active (i.e played active roles) in the club for a period of at least 15years.
Been ICONS of righteousness and godly morals in the society for several years and have been at the fore front of promoting such lifestyle among others, nationally, in the VBC and in the community.
Have shown tremendous financial commitment and passion in the overall pursuit of the VBC objectives and cause.
Been given the consent of all the members of the VBC leadership board for such an honour

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Contact details

109 Igbore road, Ibara, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

(+234) 0-803-359-6073



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